A Comprehensive Guide to Essential Cooking Tools and Gadgets

There’s nothing worse than getting started on a recipe and realizing you need the essential kitchen tools to get the job done. This guide will help you ensure your cupboards are fully stocked so you can prep, cook and bake like a pro.

A sieve is a perforated bowl-shaped utensil used to aerate flour or sift powdered sugar. They come in a variety of sizes.

Immersion blender

A hand-held immersion blender, also known as a stick blender or a blending wand, is a must-have tool for cooking. It’s easy to use and provides versatility in the kitchen.

It’s ideal for making soups and purees, eliminating the need to transfer hot liquids to a traditional countertop blender. It’s also helpful for preparing sauces and dressings. You can navigate on sites like to find good deals for your cooking tools and equipments.


Despite being an obvious kitchen staple, colanders often need to be noticed. This tool comes in various sizes and shapes and is great for washing vegetables or draining pasta.

Like filters, colanders have holes that keep food in and liquid out. However, they differ in size and level of filtration. Sieves have finer mesh and are perfect for sifting flour or powdered sugar.

Soup maker

A soup maker is great for those wanting a quick, easy, nutritious meal. Most can make smooth or chunky soup, and some can make jams and smoothies.

Look out for models that adjust cooking time based on the number of portions and have digital displays. Others have a handy ‘keep warm’ function that can keep soup hot until you’re ready to eat.


A kettle allows you to boil water quickly and easily. It’s especially useful for preparing dry foods like oatmeal in the morning.

Electric kettles offer an added benefit: They shut off automatically when the water reaches boiling temperature, eliminating the risk of absent-mindedly leaving them on the stovetop. Some also have programmable settings for different hot drinks. Some are even smart and can be controlled via a smartphone app.

Measuring cups

For cooking, you require precise measurements of ingredients to create consistent results. A little variation can ruin your entire dish.

Dry measuring cups are best for weighing powdered ingredients like flour or sugar. These come in a set of various sizes and have scale markings.

Liquid measuring cups have clear, visible volume marks and are usually graduated with different sizes, starting from 1 cup size and going upwards.

Measuring spoons

If you want your recipes to come out the same every time, measuring ingredients accurately is important. This tool helps you do just that.

This set of seven measuring spoons comes stacked on a ring and features metric and standard measurements. It also has measurement markings that are permanently etched into the handle and won’t rub off over time.

Meat mallet

A meat mallet is an often-overlooked tool in many kitchens. It’s useful for tenderizing beef, pork and chicken cuts and flattening them to an even thickness.

It also breaks down tough muscle fibers, which helps marinades soak in and reduces cooking time. This handy tool is also used to crack shells, crush nuts and even open coconuts. Look for a mallet with two sides: one with a smooth surface for tenderizing and one that’s textured for more power.

Food thermometer

Food thermometers ensure your meals reach the correct internal temperatures, keeping you safe from dangerous foods. These are especially helpful when cooking meat.

Liquid-filled thermometers have metal or glass stems that expand and rise when they reach the desired temperature, indicating the reading on a dial plate. They are designed to remain in the food and should be inserted 2 inches into the thickest part.

Food processor

Whether you’re a professional chef or just cooking for a crowd, using a food processor can make the process more efficient and convenient. Food processors can quickly grind spices, mix ingredients, and puree foods.

It can even replace other kitchen tools and appliances like a mandoline or box grater, making it ideal for those who love to cook.

Wine opener

A wine opener is essential for any cook, but it’s especially handy if you drink multiple bottles of wine during an evening.

This electric push-button corkscrew removes the cork at the touch of a button and includes a foil cutter that worked well in my tests. It’s also easy to stow and comes with a stand. It’s not the cheapest option, though.

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