Advantages of Using Bulk Chemicals

Unlike fine chemicals, bulk chemical processes can be standardized to reduce development time. This enables smaller production facilities to compete with larger, more centralized producers.

If your organization can afford it, purchasing chemicals in bulk will save you money. Bulk buying also means fewer shipments, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and avoiding container waste.

Save Money

Buying bulk chemicals is cheaper, and purchasing in larger quantities will decrease the number of smaller bottles needing replacement. This will also lead to less waste from packaging that ends up in your trash, which will help you meet your environmental goals.

With raw material shortages, force majeure, sales-controlled product allocations, and staffing constraints all impacting the chemical industry, it is good to have more of your chemicals on hand than you think you need at any given moment. Having a trusted supplier that offers wholesale chemical supplies will make it easier to communicate high and low stocks amongst your lab staff, and you will be able to reduce ordering costs by having less inventory shipped to you more frequently.

Many organizations maintain their stock of chemicals, believing they know exactly what they have and how much is in their lab. However, this can lead to redundancies and overbuying, which could cost more if chemicals exceed expiration dates in the long run.

Build a Reliable Supply Chain

A single extended disruption in production can wipe out half a year’s profits for most businesses, making building a reliable supply chain a top priority. One way to reduce the disruption risk is to buy bulk from chemical and bulk fuel suppliers. This reduces the frequency of containers needing refilled and the likelihood of accidental chemical spills in your plant, creating a safer working environment.

A dependable Chemical Delivery supplier can also help you track your work-in-process inventory, allowing you to predict and address potential issues before they affect your business. This enables you to avoid stockouts and reduce the need to order from other suppliers, which could result in paying higher prices for supplies or waiting weeks for your shipment to arrive.

Bulk chemistry can also reduce the need for workers to handle hazardous barrels or IBC totes, which can lead to slip-and-fall hazards and expose them to fumes. Instead, a dedicated bulk chemical storage tank can be designed with pumps for specific loading, quality control features, tank agitation, heating, temperature controls and insulation, manways, and other structural elements to provide a safe, secure, and efficient system for dispensing pure chemicals into equipment.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Buying bulk chemicals in larger gallon or drum sizes allows you to reduce the frequency of product replacements. Consistently changing out smaller containers increases the chance of chemical spills, contamination in your facility, and the amount of hazardous waste that must be disposed of. Purchasing in bulk also reduces the number of shipments that must be made, ultimately reducing greenhouse gas emissions and packaging waste.

A common problem associated with dispensing bulk chemicals is oxidation or spoilage. This can be problematic because it reduces the chemical’s effectiveness and is often expensive to prevent. Choosing a closed system for dispensing can help eliminate these concerns and protect your investment in the chemical.

Alternatively, using life-cycle assessment techniques can help you optimize the design of your chemical process to minimize waste. For example, Ciric and collaborators showed that it was possible to achieve a minimum toxicity target by changing the structure of the chemical complex to reduce the quantity of waste generated.

Build Relationships

The ability to customize your order and speak directly with the manufacturer can make navigating the world of industrial chemical products easier. This is especially true when ordering chemicals in bulk, as you can avoid the hassle of finding a distributor who sells what you need and having that product mixed into other containers for your use.

Buying in bulk also means you need to replace your chemical containers less frequently, which can help reduce the risk of accidental chemical spills in your facility. This can be particularly important during periods of intense activity, when your cleaning crews may be working in tight spaces where the possibility of accidental spills is high.

If your organization’s production schedule and budget allow it, purchasing in bulk is a sustainable option to save you money over the long term. Fewer shipments produce fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and bulk packaging like super sacks produces far less waste than non-bulk options.

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