Why You Must Reserve Wedding Transportation

If you’re having a large wedding or your ceremony and reception sites are far from each other, providing transportation for guests might be a good idea. Besides the obvious logistical convenience, your people will appreciate not being hit with rideshare fees or driving in high traffic on their big day!


A reliable transportation company can ensure guests travel safely to and from each venue. Based on your guest count, they can also help you determine how many vehicles you need. They will know what type of vehicles are available in their fleet and how much seating they have. This way, they can ensure every guest gets a ride, and nobody is left behind. They can also provide tips for transporting children and people with disabilities. A wedding party transportation Scranton can help ensure your guests arrive on time at your ceremony and reception, avoiding the stress of getting lost or missing out on special moments. They can also assist you in arranging rides for out-of-town guests who may need their cars. They can even connect you with other local guests who have agreed to carpool with others. This way, you can save money while providing convenient and safe transportation for your guests.


When booking transportation, it is important to consider the number of guests and their specific transportation needs. While some visitors may drive themselves, others, particularly elderly or physically challenged visitors, may require assistance traveling to and from the event. Ask guests to indicate on their RSVP if they need transportation services and make note of their preferred pickup and drop-off locations.

Couples transport their wedding party members, close family, and out-of-town guests. The best method to make sure that everyone is aware of what is expected of them and can make sure that everything is clear on the big day is to provide this information. It also helps to create a FAQ for guests and feature it on your website or in the invitation suite to save time on wedding-day phone calls. Ensure that the transportation company you hire is reliable and offers a written contract with service details.


Suppose you’re hosting a wedding with out-of-town guests. In that situation, it is frequently a good idea for them to use transit to avoid driving in unfamiliar places or making numerous rail stops, giving everyone a chance to talk and catch up before the ceremony starts. To ensure your guests arrive in plenty of time for your big day, pad your shuttle pickup times by at least 20-30 minutes. It helps to ensure you’re taking your time with your guests, especially if your day includes photoshoots or other events that take up extra time. Alternatively, ask hotels where your guests are staying to offer shuttle services or give out rideshare gift cards for those who prefer the convenience of an on-demand option. Just let your guests know the pickup times so they can plan accordingly. You should also post these times on your website or send them in a guest email.


When your friends and family are coming from out of town for the wedding, providing transportation is a thoughtful gesture. Ensuring everyone arrives safely and on time is essential, especially if your ceremony and reception will be held at different venues. However, wedding transportation is less expensive than you might think. Limos, shuttle buses and motor coaches are affordable for up to 50 guests. If you’re hosting a smaller wedding, you can save money by prepping a call sheet of names and all pickup/drop-off addresses and times and confirming with the driver the day before or the morning of the wedding. Providing transportation will require extra money on your budget, but it’s a necessary line item to make your wedding stress-free for everyone involved. A pre-arranged ride home from the festivities will also satisfy your visitors so that you can relax. Unless, of course, they’re too drunk to find their way back!

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