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Top Amenities to Look for in a Retirement Community

When visiting retirement communities, look beyond the apartment sizes and layouts. Pay attention to perks like beauty salons, libraries, and more.

You may also want a community with plenty of ways to keep active and engaged, such as social sports, community gardens, and exercise classes. Look for a variety of dining venues as well.

On-Site Activities

Various on-site activities are essential for seniors who want to remain active and engaged. These amenities help promote socialization and foster community feelings while encouraging ongoing learning.

For example, many seniors prefer to have a chance to express their creativity through activities like watercolor and acrylic painting or drawing and sketching. In addition, a computer room and library can allow seniors to stay connected with loved ones through email or Facebook.

Some communities also offer beauty services like spas, barber shops, and hair salons. And while these perks may seem minor, they can significantly impact a senior’s overall quality of life. This is particularly true for Baby Boomers shopping for 55+ communities that provide low-maintenance living and plenty of ways to relax and learn.

Fitness Center

Having state-of-the-art fitness equipment is one thing, but it’s essential to understand the needs of your senior population and how to use this space best. After all, the worst thing that could happen is for your community to pour resources into a beautiful new gym that goes unused by most of your residents.

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the leading causes of chronic diseases in seniors. That’s why retirement communities like Westminster Manor focus on promoting active aging and providing plenty of exercise opportunities.

From luxurious clubhouses with top-of-the-line fitness centers and indoor and outdoor lap and resort pools to walking trails and sports courts, this community has everything health-oriented retirees need to stay active. Plus, regular workouts stimulate the production of endorphins, which boost mood and combat feelings of stress or depression.

Outdoor Spaces

As COVID concerns ease, seniors will continue seeking well-maintained green spaces that promote wellness through gardening and outdoor activities. Gardens with colorful flowers, berry patches, and vegetable plots allow retirees to get their hands dirty while reaping the rewards of healthy eating.

Community walking paths, greens, and lawn bowling fields are other top outdoor amenities in retirement communities. These funkier features can be used as alternative recreation options for those who don’t enjoy the labor-intensive task of maintaining personal yards.

Aesthetic enhancements to outdoor areas are also a priority. Residents and their families want to know that the grounds at a retirement community are well cared for. Proper landscaping creates the first impression that sets a senior living property apart from the competition.

Social Events

Whether they’re socializers or want to keep their minds sharp, seniors enjoy a variety of entertainment and recreational activities. Look for events like shows from local musicians, community parties, movie nights, and fun competitions (like bingo).

Creative pursuits are also meaningful. Look for communities that offer art studios and woodworking spaces, have an on-site theater, or host classes.

Some communities even feature funkier amenities like gardens, allowing residents to get dirt under their nails while enjoying growing vegetables. These activities help to promote cognitive health and reduce feelings of depression and loneliness. Look for these types of opportunities when touring retirement communities. They’re sure to appeal to prospective residents and their families.

Pet-Friendly Environment

Pet companionship can be a powerful antidote to loneliness, especially in retirement. That’s why more and more retirement communities are embracing pet ownership, offering amenities that allow seniors to maintain their bond with their furry family members.

These include specialized on-site dog parks and walking trails that promote safe, off-leash outdoor exercise. They offer on-site or nearby access to third-party services like grooming, dog walking, and training.

Be sure to ask about pet policies during your visits. In most cases, you must demonstrate that you or your designated caregiver can adequately care for the pet and ensure it doesn’t disturb other residents. You may also be required to submit a written pet plan.

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